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Providing business solutions since 2005

Organizational Solutions

The main specialty of us is to provide organizational and business solutions to the employer

Development Manager

Preparation, production and development of native software based on national organizational needs.

Business Intelligence

Providing related architectural and technology solutions to develop new opportunities in your business.

Professional Performance

Engineering and implementation of organizational solutions for a professional and business approach.

Insurance Solutions

Development and development of insurance software and providing insurance related businesses.

Thinking Strategy

Purposeful planning and providing professional advice to advance and achieve long-term development goals

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Assistance in facilitating and resolving problems, organizational and administrative issues

Our experienced and expert team is ready to provide all the necessary engineering services and offer practical solutions for the development and progress of your business, as well as providing organizational solutions to facilitate and improve the performance of the organization in order to achieve sustainable development.

  • Providing IT consulting services
  • Preparation and production of organizational softwares
  • Providing large database management services (Oracle)
Solid Solutions

What We Offer

For more than 15 years, we are proud to provide services and organizational solutions to domestic organizations, institutions and companies.

Our mission

Our Mission is to Turn Your Ideas Into Businesses.

One of the concerns of a company or an innovative person is always to think of finding suitable solutions to turn these ideas into action in the best and most professional way by an experienced and hard-working team. We are proud to share our experiences with you with more than 15 years of valuable experience in the field of organization and business and by earning the rank of a country company.

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Strategic Consulting

Our mission as country's first rank company is to provide sustainable and organizational services in the form of native software ...

The distinguishing feature of Payeshgaran Modiryyat Tarh Company in order to obtain the satisfaction of the employer with timely services, along with appropriate quality and price has been agreed. Our main expertise and activity is in designing and implementing large-scale enterprise software with Java EE technology. The superiority of our products is high and stable performance while being simple and user-oriented. Government clients and large domestic public and private companies are often among our customers. Satisfaction of all employers and business parties is our main goal and in this regard, we follow the following engineering principles as a policy.

H.Fathi - A.Pashazadeh PMT Founders
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